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Cloverdale on Film

Cloverdale is a popular location for motion pictures, television series, and commercials. Part of the reason for this is that downtown Cloverdale has not changed much in appearance since the fifties. Even newer buildings are usually built in a traditional style to blend in with our heritage. As a result, Cloverdale is often seen as the typical "small American town".

In fact Cloverdale was chosen as the setting for one of Coca Cola's Christmas commercials for just this reason. People all over the world saw the parade down our main street as staged by the folks at Coke. More recently, the Christmas movie Deck the Halls was filmed in and around Cloverdale.

Several television series have been filmed in or around Cloverdale, including The Black Stallion in the 1990's, but by far the most successful series was Smallville which used Cloverdale as the stand-in for Superman's home town in Kansas. There are literally hundreds of Smallville fan sites around the world, and many of them feature Cloverdale. Some of the more interesting are:

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The Cloverdale Business Improvement Association also has a lot of photos taken during filming of Smallville and other movies. See: