Cloverdale's Superclown and Impersonator

Gilda Golden
(The Nightmare Hooker)

Relax, no clothes come off
(Nobody needs to see that)

She uses innuendo and double meanings
To get her points across, not profanity

For example: she pulls whips and chains
And what not out of her bag of "tricks"
And offers the "Victim" some
"Viagra" (candy)

Finally, she sings "Hey Big Spender"
(Spend a little cash on me)
And "Happy Birthday" or
"For He's A Jolly Good Fellow"

If this is to take place at work
The boss must know
(Unless he is the boss)
I also like his "Significant Other"
To be in on it too
We don't want to make the wrong
Kind of memories here

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