Clown Extraordinaire "Peanuts"

A new approach to clowning is the Peanuts the Clown technique. Attending Clown Camps and Events has truly developed Peanuts' unique style.

Children who are afraid of clowns soon warm up to Peanut's easy style and love to meet his special furry little friends: a Skunk, named 'Flower', 'Charlie' the Fox, and 'Peter' the Mouse, along with many others.

Peanuts uses partial face makeup known as Auguste style which is more 'kid friendly'. 'Miles and Miles of Smiles' is his signature and his trademark is a bubble bear. Peanuts delights children and adults with their own personal balloon hat, flower, animal or sculptured creation. Peanuts does over 500 types of balloon creations!.

Clown Overboard! No, it is just Peanuts booked to entertain at special water events wearing one of his vintage costumes, a 1904 style bathing suit. For upscale events he uses a clown tuxedo. Bright yellows and blues and a patchwork vest with red is his regular costume.

For roving and walkabouts, Peanuts will delight and entertain crowds with his array of Clown Bikes and Mini Motorcycles, Puppets and props. For a truly spectacular event, book Peanuts the Clown who will create a fun filled memory.

Clown experience? Peanuts has twenty years as a Professional Clown and has covered many events including:

Choose a clown that is frequently booked to highlight many city parades and conventions. Does he draw a crowd? Attract publicity? You betcha! Peanuts is featured regularly on the front page of many community newspapers, to TV entertainment segments. Some special projects Peanuts has worked on are:

Peanuts has developed four new costumes with three new characters:- Not Clown. Suitable for all age groups from children to seniors.

Mr. Flowers - The Balloon Guy

A character who has clownism type costumes but no makeup. Mr. Flowers does over 500 types of balloon creations as do all of the characters, who also have the same skills and quality of professionalism as Peanuts.

Dixie Gold - Master of Balloonology

A character dressed in the Dixieland era theme from the turn-of-the century. With straw hat and plaid jacket.

The Duke of Balloonia - Balloon Sculpture

This character has two choices, both high class! For special events, promos, fashion shows, upscale events, store openings, customer appreciation days or conventions.

For that very special birthday gift or your large gathering affair

Book a real Clown Extraordinaire: 'Peanuts' or one of his other balloon characters.
(Book early, don't be disappointed! This year is booking up fast).

Clown Extraordinaire
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Pager: 844-8269


Member of both The World Clown Association and The American Clown Association, International.