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Operated by the Canadian Association for the Proximal Stabilization of Cerebral Palsy Children
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Trunk Support On Child

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Therapists who currently treat children with Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida are welcome to join the Canadian Association for Proximal Stabilization. In doing so you will have the following immediate advantages:
  • The PST program and the trained therapists gain positive notoriety in a very short time
    • An opportunity to learn a new treatment cost free
    • The program will provide the needed equipment for your program
    • The program will repair and replace the equipment used
    • You receive support from the Proximal Stabilization centre and other therapists in the association
    • Exclusivity in the given geographical area
    • Tangible financial return in a short period of time - low overhead, and no expensive courses to take
    • And ongoing technical support from the Centre.

  • The PST program is short.
    • Two weeks parent training
    • Sixteen month follow-up. Most children become self dependent at the end of the follow-up period
    • The therapist will find visible improvement in children's function in a short time (the child should be video'd monthly to show progress).

  • Benefits for children and parents:
    • Since parents treat their children, parents can make differences in their child's progress
    • The parents receive support service from the Proximal Stabilization Centre for therapy as well as equipment
    • The PST not only makes children functional in sixteen months but also prevents development of contractures and surgery.

  • The criteria for selecting children for the PST for best results:
    • For diplegics and quadriplegics: age 15 months to 40 months
    • For hemiplegics: age 12 months to 24 months
    • Near normal intelligence (PST does not help very severely mentally retarded children.

Existing facilities and organizations already providing treatment for children with Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida have a unique opportunity to substantially improve the outcome of their programs and also save significantly on current operating budgets. 

By implementing the Proximal Stabilization Program at your treatment centre, our association can help you by providing the trained personnel and equipment needed.

The increased efficiency in helping the children reach physical independence within a much shorter time frame contributes significantly to reducing overall operating costs.

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